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PSB Fire Engineers provides Fire Detection and Protection System Service and Maintenance services to the Commercial, Industrial, Residential sector. We also provide Fire Safety consulting to architects, contractors and real estate companies and conducts fire-safety evaluations of buildings, particularly in connection with the renovation of older buildings, ensuring code compliance with all current laws and regulations along with performance-based design.

Our fire safety engineers provide evaluations for building and planning, as well as in connection with industry, industrial processes and transportation, applying their experience and expertise to diverse and challenging projects.

PSB Fire Engineers advanced approach to fire engineering means that we rise to the challenges posed by all types of structures. Our customers benefit from our global resources and experience and access to the most-advanced, custom-designed fire protection system using the best products available.

We provide insight into risk and human behaviour, advanced techniques in simulation and analysis and international investment in research to stay at the forefront of fire engineering.


Diverse Project Experienced Advisors

Our work also encompasses numerous government properties, commercial and residential developments, large retail schemes, airports, stations and other transport interchanges.


Ability to consistently Stay One Step Ahead

Given that fire engineers are responsible for the fire safety strategy of a project, our work informs the whole design team on fire safety matters.

A Team You Can Trust

At PSB Fire Engineers, our certified technicians, engineers, and knowledgeable sales staff can design, install, inspect and maintain your fire protection systems and products. Our experts will ensure your business meets and exceeds all local and national fire codes and regulations and that your people are adequately trained on all required fire safety products. We’re not just protecting buildings, but we’re protecting lives. 

Knowledge & Ability That Can Serve Your Needs

As buildings are required to be more flexible and reflect potential changes in use, innovative fire designs must be adaptable. Therefore, research into such scenarios is a significant part of fire engineering and new codes, materials and rapidly evolving technologies.


There are many facets to consider in fire safety design. Examples include flammability characteristics of building materials, sectioning of buildings into fire and smoke zones, escape routes, structural heat tolerances, predicting fire spread, fire warning systems and fire extinguishing equipment.

Whether providing code consultancy, strategic advice, fire prevention through specialized fire safety design, construction supervision, inspection and risk assessment, or post-fire recovery, our work is grounded in fire science.


Of all the responsibilities facing the property industry, keeping people safe from the dangers of fire and smoke is among the greatest. Part science and technology, part psychology, part management and law, this field requires rigorous mastery of all aspects of emergency planning, fire protection engineering, security system design and building and fire codes, while also ensuring clients realize their architectural vision and operational goals while meeting their responsibilities.

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