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Maintenance is the work necessary to keep the fire system operating properly. One form of maintenance is simply a response to a failure identified by a visual inspection or a test of the equipment. Fire-prevention codes specify the proper maintenance and repair of these systems. The dedicated Service & Maintenance Division at PSB Fire Engineers have the capability to provide you with a nationwide service and maintenance packages, tailored to your individual requirements. We provide you with fully compliant services for all types of equipment and systems to ensure your peace of mind:

  • Conventional Fire Alarm System

  • Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Fireman Intercom System

  • Fire Hosereel System

  • Fire Sprinkler System

  • Wet Riser System

  • Pressurized Hydrant System

  • External Fire Hydrant System

  • Deluge System

  • Foam System

  • Water Mist Fire Suppression System

  • Kitchen Wet Chemical System

  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Fire Suppression System
  • FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System

  • Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System

  • IG55 Gas Fire Suppression System

  • IG541 Gas Fire Suppression System

  • Intertec Gas Fire Suppression System

  • SR200 Gas Fire Suppression System

  • Argonite Gas Fire Suppression System

  • Inergen Gas Fire Suppression System



When you have a maintenance contract with PSB Fire Engineers, you have one point of contact for all your various systems, regardless of your locations throughout Malaysia. In addition, PSB Fire Engineers also provide a 24-hour emergency call-out system, with mechanical & electrical engineers on standby 365 days a year – to ensure minimum downtime for your systems in the event of an emergency.

Some of the many inspection and testing services we offer:

• Annual inspection and recommended testing of all fire extinguishers
• Regular periodic inspection, testing and maintenance on all types of fire protection systems
• Regular inspection of all unique hazard suppression systems, including explosion suppression
• Inspection reports transmitted electronically to the customer
• Annual service plan automatically schedules system inspections well in advance of the expiration date

All service contracts are carried out following the latest Malaysian Standard, British Standards, ISO, and LPC, FM and NFPA rules where applicable.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

A computerized Maintenance Management System was introduced into our Service Division to increase productivity and accuracy.
In addition to supplying all relevant logbooks on site, fire protection services utilized our (CMMS) to schedule and monitor all routine inspection and testing activities throughout all our locations.

Customized Maintenance Contract

A Maintenance program that incorporates all your fire equipment and systems into one package. Maintenance schedules are created for each site and are a fixed price for the agreement of 1 to 3 years. Works other than routine maintenance are advised accordingly or quoted, ensuring you as the client are aware at all times what is happening. PSB Fire Engineers uses a service management system ensuring all fire services are carried out according to contracted arrangements and Australian Standards.

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