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Direct Release Fire Suppression

Direct Release System

This technology utilises the Reacton® tubing to automatically detect the fire and actuate the system. The tubing is installed in and around the fire risk areas within the protected area, the tubing is pressurised and in communication with the system contents. When a fire occurs, the tubing will burst at the point of highest heat. As the contents of the systems are directly in communication with the detection tube, immediate discharge of the extinguishing agent is started at the point of detection.

Our Direct systems works in the following way:

  1. The radiant heat of fire bursts the pressurised detection tube.

  2. Clean Agent is then delivered through the point of detection extinguishing the fire.

  3. Additional devices such as pressure switches are activated to alert building management fire alarms and ultimately alert people that a fire has been detected.

Reacton systems are designed to meet the most robust and demanding certification standards around the world. Our automatic fire suppression systems are independent of a power source which ensures detection and suppression in any condition.

Our systems are all manufactured and designed under our BSI ISO9001:2015 quality policy and are CE & DOT Compliant. 






Fire Suppression System Works


Fire Suppression System Application

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