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Prosense PPS Series Car Park Gas Detector


PPS Series is designed for continuously monitoring carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and LPG gases in enclosed car parks and tunnels.

PPS Series consists PPS Manager and PPS Detectors. Totally, 128 PPS Series detectors can be managed by PPS Manager Control Panel.

  • Flexibility: Extendable up to 4 zones. Up to 32 detectors for each zone.

  • Capacity: 128 detectors can be managed at the same time.

  • Communication: Modbus RS485 addressable connection allows easy implementation.

  • Relays: Fan 1, Fan2, Alarm contacts in each zone to run ventilation and other systems

  • Status: 1 Alarm and 1 Fault extra relay contacts for overall status

  • Diversification: Allows the user to connect different gas detectors in same loop

  • Display: Bright and clear LCD display

  • Alarm: Adjustable alarm levels in different parameters.

  • Sensor: High quality electrochemical sensor for detecting CO(0-300ppm) and NO2(0-30ppm)gases. Catalytic sensor for detecting LPG gas(0-100%LEL)

  • Backup: 2 x backup battery location to continue operation in case of energy loss.


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