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Prosense P Series Gas Detector


Prosense ATEX/IECEx certified "P" Series fixed gas detectors are designed and developed according to the demanding conditions found in industrial plants in order to carry out continuous measurement of toxic, explosive and oxygen gases in the air.

Pellistor, Electrochemical, and Infrared sensors employed P Series detectors show excellent outputs in LEL, ppm, VOL ranges


  • Wide Range Sensors: Pellistor, Electrochemical, Infrared, Semiconductor employed P provides excellent output for the target gas.

  • Modbus: P can be integrated into SCADA systems easily via open-source Modbus RS485(RTU) codes

  • Outputs: Different devices can be operated/controlled at the same time thanks to the 4-20mA analogue, Modbus RS485 and Relay outputs

  • Relay Contacts: P-3R+ relay module integrated P Series detectors can manage other equipment or link to firefighting panels.


Maintenance and Installation

  • Sensor Replacement: Allows sensor replacement with a pre-calibrated sensor head to provide easy maintenance.

  • Installation: Designed for either wall or ceiling mounting applications

  • Entry: 2 x 1/2″ NPT cable entries

  • Remote Control: Detector status can be monitored Prosense Gas Monitoring software remotely.


Robust and Reliable

  • Body: Aluminium die-cast body and SS316 stainless steel sensor head superb performance under harsh environmental conditions with IP65 protection class.

  • Protection: Sunshield and waterproof caps are available for use in extreme conditions.

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