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Prosense S-DP32 Digital Gas Detection Panel


S-DP32 Gas Control Panel is designed to manage the Prosense combustible, toxic, and oxygen gas detectors via Modbus RS485 through one cable.

• Input: 1 serial input up to 32 detectors and 1 digital(24VDC) input

• Display: Bright and clear LCD display

• Relays: 2 Alarm, 1 Fault and AUX adjustable relay contacts. Up to 24 extra relay outputs for specific applications

• Logging: Stores all alarm, fault and maintenance events up 30logs to provide a history of detectors connected

• Monitoring: Continuously monitoring of detector gas concentrations

• Diversification: Different gases in different measuring units(ppm, LEL, VOL) can be connected

• Body: PC(Polycarbonate) superb performance under harsh environmental conditions with IP66 protection class.

• Visual/Audial: Independent Alarm and Fault LED indicators for each detector and buzzer

• Modular: Modular structure allows user-specific installation and provides efficiency during maintenance.


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